Complete Physical Fitness through Body Weight Training

Achieving and sustaining complete physical fitness is possible through regular workout programs. The earlier concept of dependency on fitness machines alone is now rapidly being replaced with using your own body weight to burn fat, tone muscles, build abs and achieve fit and flexible physique. All you need is a willingness to work hard and enough time to spare. Combining workout with planned fitness diet will help in getting into shape within a short span of time. You can be assured about zero side effects as long as you keep away from addictive substances and follow the disciplined schedule.

Body weight Training

Breaking the Fat through tough workout

Fat burning is in essence is the process of breaking it down into three byproducts, namely water, carbon and energy. Water takes away most of the waste forms of fat. This gets eliminated through kidneys and skin. Carbon gets eliminated through lungs while breathing. The energy gets converted into water and fat soluble proteins, vitamins and nutrients. They help in shaping muscle toning and building.

  • One form of physical exercises performed without depending on fitness machines is the Calisthenics workout. Many earlier forms of this exercise existed earlier for training military and police personnel. This is now being shaped to train the younger generation of athletes, body builders and sports persons.
  • You can transform your body from a mass of fat and meat into a perfectly shaped physique with nearly all the 6-pack features. The diet you follow needs to be nutritious, with lean meat, sea foods, antioxidant fruit juices, veggies and healthy omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
  • You may choose to have a coach or do it yourself with the help of online guides. Create a practical schedule with strict diet program to get the best of results from workout.

Multiple Benefits of Body Weight Training

Using your own body weight to build and tone your muscles seems to be derived from many ancient concepts in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Light weight and middle weight wrestlers use this technique to burn fat consistently. This is called as body weight training.

  • For the process of effective fat burning, you need to know the difference between its toxic forms like cholesterol, unsaturated forms and the healthier forms like the omega acids. Most of the sea foods and lean meat contain omega acids that can actually burn to produce useful energy for your muscles, bones and tissues.
  • Body weight training helps in distribution of muscle mass perfectly all over your body; bring it nearly into a six pack shape within a short span of time. In the initial stages it might take time to reduce fatty body weight and bring it to a proper shape. From then the process of body weight training will work wonders on your physique.
  • Strengthening of bones is a process which can help in shaping a stronger physique. Hence you need to focus of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and other useful forms. Green leafy veggies and fresh fruit juices can help in strengthening of bones.