Global Warming: What is it? Causes and Consequences

In recent years, there has been a renewed discussion on the merits of global warming claims. Some are questioning the intensity of global warming and conclude that the dangers and threats to human life are wildly exaggerated while some even go as far as to call it all a big façade. This is for a big reason due to changing political climate all over the world with conservative elements doubting the phenomenon’s proposed effects in the longer term.

Global Warming: What is it? Causes and Consequences

In this article we will be briefly looking at some of the causes and consequences of global warming for the planet earth and for us human beings, what we can do to protect our planet as well as ourselves.

In simple words, a subtle, gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere is global warming. This is happening because of the increasing amount of pollutants and harmful gases in the air such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, other oxides, chlorofluorocarbons and others.

It affects the ozone layer around the earth’s atmosphere which is protecting us from the harmful effects of sunlight, however the deterioration of ozone layer causes more global warming which in turns causes more ozone depletion, so you can see, this is all a viscous cycle.

Two of the most fundamental reason behind global warming – which are linked – are the excessive amounts of carbon dioxide in the air and the decreasing amounts of plantation on the planet earth. The burning of fuels like coal, gases, and petroleum products is necessary for industries but it produces vast amounts of CO2 which is not good for the atmosphere. Secondly, the urbanization and capitalism is causing the trees to be cut down to make more space for our cities.

In these circumstances, on a very basic level, you and I, as a single person, can do a lot to make sure that we are doing our part in protecting the atmosphere as citizens of earth.

We can try using recyclable materials instead of those which only increase the trash contingent of the planet.

When it comes to using fuel, we can be efficient and not waste it. It will not only help the planet but also reduce our energy bills.

Natural resources like clean water, sunlight and fresh air should not be wasted by us, especially water since the other two are almost in unlimited supply.

When it comes to the effects of global warming, we all feel it and are tempted to use our air conditioning systems and coolers. On that front, it is entirely within our ability to use environmentally friendly cooling options like evaporative cooling instead of turning the thermostat to the maximum.

Similarly, in winter, it is possible that we use systems like heat shifting and heat recovery ventilation which make sure you don’t need to use your heater unless absolutely necessary.

We can each try and plant one small plant and look after it to make sure our future is not a hot hell but the beautiful earth.

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