Short History Of Newport

Newport is a prosperous city in South Wales' Gwent region. After the Normans captured Gwent in 1093, Newport was established. They built a castle near the River Usk ford in the beginning of the 12th century. A little settlement soon developed next to the castle. Towns were frequently surrounded by castles during the Middle Ages because the garrisons offered a ready market for the items produced by the locals.

A Short History Of Yemen 

Yemen's history dates back more than 3,000 years, and its distinctive culture can still be seen in the towns and villages' architectural designs. Three successive civilizations—the Minean, Sabaean, and Himyarite—ruled this part of the Southern Arabian Peninsula from around 1000 BC. The spice trade was the main source of income for all three of these kingdoms. The ancient world's civilizations highly valued aromatics like myrrh and frankincense, which they employed in a variety of ceremonies throughout Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures.

A Short History Of Aden

The only Arab country to have been a British colony was Aden. Following Napoleon's invasion of Egypt in 1796, a British navy moored in Aden for several months at the sultan's invitation, marking the beginning of British interests in the country. The British East India Company sent Royal Marines to Aden on January 18, 1839, in order to construct a supply port and thwart Arab pirate attacks on British ships bound for India. Aden became a Crown Colony in 1931.

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